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Federal Emergency Management Agency In accordance with 44 CFR §9.8 for Executive Order 11990 Proposed Culvert Upgrades Town of South Valley, Cattaraugus County, New York Notification is hereby given to the public of the intent of the Department of Homeland Security-Federal Emergency Management Agency (DHS-FEMA) to provide federal funding to the Town of South Valley as subrecipient for the proposed culvert upgrades project in Cattaraugus County through the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP). The purpose of HMGP is for communities to develop hazard mitigation plans and rebuild in a way that reduces, or mitigates, future disaster losses. This notification is given in accordance with Executive Order 11990 (Protection of Wetlands), 44 CFR Part 9, regulations for implementing EO 11990, and the National Historic Preservation Act. The proposed project consists of culvert upgrades for the Town of South Valley located at the intersection of Sawmill Run Road and Burch Drive (42.033802, -78.996737). The scope of work includes replacement of two existing 7-foot diameter culverts with a single aluminum structural place arch culvert with an approximate span of 30-feet and height of 7-feet. Construction will also incorporate traffic safety and control, temporary route detour, the use of a temporary bridge, and complete restoration of disturbed areas post-construction. This action would take place within the North Branch Sawmill Run stream, which is a mapped wetland. Alternatives considered include: 1) in-kind replacement of culverts, 2) no action or, 3) the proposed alternative, which is the replacement of two existing 7-foot diameter culverts with a single aluminum structural place arch culvert. FEMA has determined that the proposed project is the most practicable alternative to reduce stream obstructions and damming during highwater. FEMA has also determined that investment of funds to upgrade this structure is in the public interest. Potential wetland impacts are anticipated to be temporary during construction and minimized through best management practices and conservation measures incorporated from resource agency recommendations and required regulatory permits. Comments about this project, potential alternatives, and wetland impacts may be submitted in writing within 15 days of the date of this publication to: U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency – Region 2 – Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation, 26 Federal Plaza, New York, NY, 10278 or via email to FEMAR2COMMENT@fema.dhs.gov.
If substantive comments are received, FEMA will evaluate and address the comments as part of the environmental documentation for this project.

Dated 10/02/2023


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